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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Lovely Melbourne

On Tuesday the weather was bright and sunny in Melbourne so I told Bre to take the car and I would ride the tram downtown to take the free circle tour tram to get a feel for the city.  I went out for a marvelous breakfast of avocado toast.  The bread was to die for with all kinds of interesting seeds.

Afterward, I opened the public transportation app to figure out how to get downtown.  Easy schmeasy, according to the app one tram no changes and I'd be there in about 25 or 30 minutes.  Well I walked 20 blocks in the wrong direction before I figured out what was happening.  Now it was two trams.  Missed the second one by one stoplight.  But I was headed in the right direction, or so I thought.  When I arrived at the destination I'd programmed into the phone I was still a few miles from where I needed to be.  So another 15 block walk and I caught a train to downtown where I was finally able to hop on the City Circle tram.  I'm sure I did some serious damage to Bre's myki card.

The City Circle tram uses an 75 year old tram car and is free to ride.  Basically aimed at the tourist trade but many locals ride it as well.  There is an audio recording that informs you of the tourist attractions in the area.  I figured out a couple of things I would like to go see because of that ride. 

There were many Public Transportation people around to help me find the correct tram back to Bre's which only took one tram this time.   I can be taught.   At my stop was a Woolworth's, which is a grocery store here, so I picked up a sandwich for lunch as well as the ingredients we needed to make the Mexican Quinoa casserole we were having for dinner.  I got some major walking in and I enjoyed the day. 

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