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Friday, August 7, 2015

The Fair

Yesterday was my daughters birthday and she was really excited to take me to the Orange County Fair which is one of her favorite things on earth.  She has been known to go up to 10 times during the fair's month long run.  Her favorite part is the food especially the grilled corn on the cob which I can now affirm is a wonderful thing.  I also really liked the Australian potatoes, which Bre informed me are not really from Australia.  However, they were yummy and Australia should take credit for these beer battered slabs of deliciousness.

She sent out an invite to a bunch of folks on social media (aka Facebook and Instagram) to join her in celebrating her birthday at the fair and 10 of the funnest folks ever showed up.  Keeping them headed in the same direction was like herding cats but then it is the same way with my friends at a quilt show.  I do have to give the kidlet cudos, she made sure we got to the pig races just in time for the start of the festivities.  The show was very entertaining and I cheered loudly for our section's pig whose name escapes me.

Bre and I made a beeline for the craft building before meeting up with her friends so I could check out the quilt exhibit.  There were a few really nice quilts but for the most part the show and tell at Table Rock Quilt Guild is better than most of the quilt on display.  I really liked the Yellow Submarine quilt which was not only a fun quilt but very well executed.  I think it was my favorite at the show.

I also loved the Doctor Who quilt which is currently one of my favorite shows on TV now.  The pillows were done in counted cross stitch.

This quilt won first price in the machine category.  Sorry for the poor quality of the picture but take my word for it, the quilt was really lovely.

I'm a big big fan of bright colors so this quilt had me at hello and impressed the judges as well since it won in the handwork category.

I saw this art quilt and thought my mom would really like it.  In the picture the gray face jumps out at you right away but in person I didn't really see the face until my daughter pointed it out to me.  This made the quilt extremely interesting to me as well as it just being lovely.

To wrap up the evening, Bre decided the die hards should walk 100 more miles (at least it felt like that to me) to take an old fashioned selfie at the photo booth way on the other side of the fairgrounds. At the time I was thinking she was nuts.  We all had cameras why not just have someone take our picture all together since there is no way we were all fitting in that booth at once.  But as usual the kid was right, the booth was way more fun.  The first go round we tried to all fit in there at once which didn't work at all.  The second set of shots Bre and I started out and then each of the other three couples jumped into the booth in turn.  Those shots turned out to be so much fun.

 I had a great evening and would gladly go back again even though my dogs were barking by the end of the night.  


  1. So glad you had fun!!!
    Even though the "all the way at the other side of the fair" for photo booths was a bit embellished. :)
    Glad I got to spend my birthday with you!!!

  2. Looks like a great time was had by all. I LOVE the Dr. Who quilt.

  3. I love Australian fries. The photo booth shots are great fun. Something to be said about standing outside the booth waiting to see how they turn out. :)