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Friday, September 25, 2015

Table Rock Quilt Guild Library Retreat

TRQG Library retreat started on Wednesday and although I missed most of the morning because I had a movie session with a couple of friends I made it to the Kimberling Area Library by about 3 p.m.  I threw some things together to work on for a few hours as I was dead dog tired from lack of sleep the two previous night.

I worked on the cute shoe lace kit I bought at Hip Stitch last month.  It was a quick little project and my tired brain could handle that.  I sewed them up and needed to get a darning needle to thread them through my shoes.  I was pretty  pleased and knew they were going to be so cute.

Next I started on a kit that I'd prepared for a retreat last April.  Very modern with some ombre like fabric.  I had cut about 4 strips when I realized I had screwed it up.  So I put it away and headed home.

On Wednesday, after a good 12 hour night sleep, I got up and cut a cape out for a witch I was wanted to finish.  I figured I would get it cut out at home so I wouldn't have to share a cutting table.

Once at the library I got to see some of the projects being completed.  Janet Winkelman finished the top of a quilt for her grandson.  She did the design herself and it is gorgeous.

Jan Prince got her Route 66 quilt back from the quilter, Deb Parks.  It turned out wonderfully.
There were so many talented women having a wonderful time.
We were treated to a hysterical fashion show thanks to Sharon Curtis.  The volunteers made hysterical costumes and Sharon's commentary was so funny.  


Even my mom participated.  The two gentlemen had dressed in a different room so she hadn't seen them before she came out and when she saw them, she cracked up. Had a problem finishing her walk she was laughing so hard.

 I have to say that I was so entertained by the guys that I tried to switch to video mode on my camera but I blew it so I didn't get any really good shots of them during the show.

Thanks ladies and gentleman for the great show.

I'm constantly amazed by the creativity and skill of all these women and we just live in a little area.  Loretta made this adorable sewing machine cover.
Roberta made this Frankenstein doll with yoyos.

Janet has this gorgeous neutral quilt she is finishing up.

Mom found this lovely pattern in her stash and whipped it out during her first day of the retreat.  She rocks.

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