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Friday, October 9, 2015

Bus Trip 2015 Day 1

OMG the last 3 days were a blast and a huge drain on the pocket book. (Geez, I'm old who says pocket book anymore.)  Last year my mom, Carol, and I took a bus load of ladies from the Branson area to Iowa to visit 11 quilt shops and we had so much fun we decided to do it again.  2015 destination was northern Texas with another 11 quilt shops on the agenda.  Such fun!!!!!!

We started at the parking lot in Walmart with a beautiful sunrise to greet us.  We were behind schedule before we even started due to one of our ladies running late and the fact that we had to avoid the Kimberling City bridge since it was under construction. Several women were nauseous due to the curvy road but we tried to get them moved up to the front of the bus so they would be more comfortable. 

We arrived at Mama's Log House about 30 minutes late but made up for it by spending money extra fast.  The shop owner made our lunch which we enjoyed in their giant classroom/sale barn.  This store is so awesome and in the middle of stinking nowhere.  Literally.  It sits in the middle of farmland but what a place!  The shop was started in the early 80's by Kay, her mother and sister in a small log cabin that was built in the 1800s.  So cool!!!!!

The shop has expanded into a neighboring building, that building was added on to and then they purchased a building across the street.  Kaye loves, loves, loves to buy fabric for the store so it is packed to the rafters.  The log house is still in use and houses the civil war and 30's reproduction fabrics.  The main building has fabric, patterns, fabric, books, notions and fabric.

The metal building across the road includes a huge classroom and the bolts of fabric they have on sale.  I found out on Superbowl Sunday, Kaye puts a bunch of fabric on sale and what we saw is left from that sale.  Amazing.  It must be one huge sale.  May have to think about going down there in February.

The lunch they provided was fabulous.  A sandwich, pickled vegetables to die for (not normally a fan but these were great), some little candy bars and amazing cookies.  I can't even tell you what kind they were but I can tell you I ate both of them right away.  So good and thoughtful!!!!!!

The store had wonderful samples on the wall and I really liked the paper pieced flowers.  I bought quite a few things. They had a nice selection of embroidery quilt patterns and thread.  Bright modern fabrics were a preponderance of the inventory.  The samples were great and the Elvis quilt was made for Kaye by some of the ladies from the shop.  I loved it!!!!!!   Even though they only had one checkout, it went quickly and we were on the road pretty close to on time.

On the road again down to Paris Texas, we played a game of bingo with prizes made by mom and myself.  Gotta love cell phone apps.  We also have great ladies on the bus trip as they donated prizes to give away during the trip.  I think there were enough for everyone to get two or three.  How sweet is that and kudos to Karen H for coordinating the whole thing.  Gana went above and beyond the call of duty and made eye covers for everyone on the bus.  Obviously, some of the ladies decided to take advantage of them right away.

We were late getting to the shop in Paris Texas, Sew Much More but they were very gracious and stayed open about a half hour later than usual for us.  I admit this is the store where I spent the most money even though they gave me a discount for bringing the bus tour there.  I loved this store!!!! Well lit, bright happy samples every, and they even had a shop dog.  How cute!!!!!!!!!

They had a kit  right as I walked in the door that I had been eyeing on Keepsake Quilting for months.

They had a great selection of Texas themed patterns and fabric.  The ladies in the store were extremely helpful and friendly.  There were thousands of bolts of well organized fabric a great classroom where they had treats for us.  This place had some patterns I've never seen anywhere else which always makes me smile.  That is one of the best things about checking out new shops.  There are so many choices out there.  I particularly liked the laser cut silhouettes.  

They were great about checking us out and made an extra cutting station and checkout in the back room so we could get through as quickly as possible.  This is much appreciated when you are anxious to get to dinner.

We drove another 45 minutes to Sulphur Springs where we were eating at Lou Viney's Pub. Awesome!!!

They had two tables of 20 set up for us which took up most of the place.  The waiters were great and the menu was really extensive for such a small place.

I even found a vegetarian option that was good.  I think everyone liked the meal except for a few people and I've come to accept that you can't ever make everyone happy.  Especially not 38 women. Sorry ladies but you know it is true.

We got to the hotel, Homespring Suites, about 8:30 p.m and the check-in was disappointing but the room was okay. It took about 25 or 30 minutes and although 2 people were working to get us checked in only one terminal was working.  I work at a hotel and they should have had all the rooms assigned and registration forms printed out before we even got there.  The hotel itself was a little rough in spots but clean and the rooms were spacious.  

I had a great time and I'm assuming others did as well since ladies were telling me so all day.  Such fun.  

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