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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Unexpected Quilt Shops

My daughter is in the middle of a move to Australia.  She needed to fly into Kansas City on Wednesday and leave on Thursday to drop of her cat for my mom to take care of until she can finish up the 6 month testing process to get her cat into the country.  Mom and I decided to make the drive up and back each day so we could spend more time with Bre.

We had time to kill on the way up and decided to stop at Brenda's Quilt Stop and More in Osceola, MO.  It was a bit out of our way but what the heck we hadn't been there before and we are always up for a new shop.  The shop is in the middle of nowhere on Hwy 54 right by an RV park.  The shop is not huge but not tiny.  There were some really beautiful quilts on the wall with kits available.  I didn't have my camera with me and the cell phone was dead pictures are limited to what I could find on the web..  There was this amazing sunflower quilt on the wall called Summer of Sunshine by Wilmington.  They had the kit in a blue colorway as well as a green colorway.
There was also a great quilt on the wall the had stack and whack hexies as well as some cubes.  I had to have the book with the pattern.

It was the combination of hexies and cubes that really intrigued me.   
The prices at this shop were a little high but they did have really nice stuff.  I gave a passing thought of buying this cute kit for a Halloween table cloth and placemat but it was $142 and I have the bus trip coming up.  Turns out Brenda's Quilt Stop does retreats and they use a two bedroom mobile home in the park to house people.  I wouldn't put it at the top of my list for a retreat but wouldn't mind visiting the store again.

As we headed west on Hwy 54 to Interstate 49 we were reading The Country Register which is chock full of quilt shop ads and activities. If you are a quilter and haven't seen this paper you need to find a copy.  Brenda's gave us a copy with my book purchase and mom read it to me as we drove.  Some entertaining articles and tons of quilting information.

Just after we passed El Dorado Springs we saw the listing for Material Matters Quilting Shop but we did see the ad for Nine Patch in Nevada MO before we got there.   Nine Patch is a small shop with not a lot of fabric.  Much of the shop is filled with handmade crafts for sale.  I did see some cute Peanuts Christmas fabrics on sale which I liked but I don't need any fabric at the moment so I passed.  The owner was busy putting together a church cook book and apparently everyone waits till the final day.  Big surprise there!!!!!  As we were leaving, the owner recommended the kitchen store next door.  Very cute shop.

Then it was off to Kansas City to pick up the kidlet and her cat and although it was a quick trip I was thrilled to get some more hugs before she is off on her adventure.

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  1. I like the hex quilt! But I think trying to put one together would make my brain hurt. :)
    Thanks for saving Della and I! I'm glad for the hugs too! :x