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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Bus Trip Scouting Trip

On Friday Feb. 12, I delivered my daughter to the Kansas City Airport to fly back to Los Angeles.  I loved having her here for 5 days.  Even though I only saw her a couple times a year when she lived in the L.A. area, I just dread having her go back to Australia.  It is so far away and the time difference is difficult.  However, I am looking forward to visiting her in Melbourne later this year.

Since we were up in the area, Mom and I decided to check out some potential quilt shops for the bus trip we are planning in September.  It will be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday Sept. 27, 28, 29.  After we dropped Bre off at the airport, we headed to Topeka to spend the night so we could be there to start our scouting trip first thing in the morning.  We did happen upon a fun diner for dinner, Spangles.  I had a very good grilled cheese and mom loved the chili.  I just love diners and the 50s retro vibe.

We had a little time to kill on Saturday morning because the first shop we were checking out didn't open until 10 a.m.  We started out at Stitching Traditions in Topeka.

 The shop was well stocked and had lovely, lovely fabric.  They also had some really great project bags that mom wants me to make with some of the vinyl left over from last year's bus trip project bags.
 The prices were a little steep for fabric running $13 to $14 per yard on the ones I checked out but I really did like the accessories and they carried lots and lots of patterns that were very well organized.  In addition to that they had some really great samples hanging in the shop which is always a plus.
 The shop wasn't huge but they did have a lots of fabric and it was beautiful.  Not sure if we'll make them a stop on the bus trip but if you are in the area they are definitely worth a visit.  Oh by they way, the shop is worth seeing if for nothing other than the cute yorkie mascot.

Next we hopped in the car and headed up to Holton KS to Quilting on the Square.  This charming shop is on the town square which I almost always find irresistible.  There are really high ceilings in the shop which means quilts can be hung so you can see the whole thing.

 I love that and this shop has some amazing samples of Jacqueline de Junge quilts that are breathtakingly beautiful.
 A beautiful high schooler who works in the shop made one of these quilts and had a feature article on her in one of the quilting magazines.  Astounding.  Jacqueline is going to be teaching some classes there in the fall which seems to me to be a coo for this little shop in Kansas.  They also have several Amy Bradley quilts hanging and I'm excited to be taking a class from her at Quilting on the Square in March.
 Turns out she lives not far from there, who knew???   The shop had some great block of the month quilts on display and I snapped up a panel with Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens because I think it is so cool this blockbuster super film had a female hero.  Love it all day.  This shop is definitely making the bus trip itinerary.

Next we were off to Leavenworth Kansas to visit Meadows Quilting and Sewing.
 Of course I liked this shop a lot as it specializes in bright and modern fabric.  Another shop with really tall ceilings so full size quilts were hanging in all their splendor.
 They even had a Tula Pink quilt on display which I just loved.  That Queen Elizabeth selfie fabric is one of my favorites.  They had some really nice patterns and books all pretty much concentrating on modern quilts.
 I have to say this shop was right up my alley but we probably won't put it on the bus trip itinerary since we try to visit shops that will appeal to everyone and this shop was pretty specialized.  I however, plan to make a return visit one of these days.

The next leg of the trip took us to Peddler's Wagon Quilt Shop in Parkville MO.  I wasn't allowed to take pictures in this shop which is too bad because it is very charming.  It has a cabin feel to it with all the wood.  They have great quilt themed jigsaw puzzles throughout the front of the store and a good selection of fabric but where this shop excels is in the pattern department.  They have hundreds and hundreds of patterns.  I was tempted to buy 4 or 5 but I didn't succumb since I'm trying really hard to use what I have at home.  I did get a couple of yards of fabric since it was on sale for $6 per yard.  The shop had a nice variety of fabrics and it is in the running for one of our stops on the bus trip because both Gana and Janice recommended it.

The last stop of the day was Prairie Point Quilt & Fabric Shop in Shawnee KS.
This was another great shop and will definitely be on the bus trip in September.  It is in a strip mall and is a nice big open store.
 There are huge amounts of fabric to choose from and they have some really cute embroidery patterns that I'd never seen before.  Both mom and I bought embroidery patterns by Blueberry Backroads.  The shop was well lit and had some lovely samples hanging around.
 While we were they about 5 women were staffing the shop and there was no shortage of help.  All very friendly and helpful.

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