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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Having fun with Bre

I am so enjoying my time with my daughter.  We are so lucky to get to spend this time together.  One of the perks of being retired.  Quality time, gotta love it.

We've eaten some great meals.  I mean great meals.  You all know I love hanging with my mom but between her picky eating and me being vegetarian, there are about 5 places we can eat together.   So adding some variety to the mix is a welcome change.  The food here is so fresh and pretty.  I may have to take out a bank loan to pay for all of it but is will be worth it.

On Monday I put on my big girl panties and drove.  Have to say, the adrenaline was rushing as I got into the driver's seat on the right side of the vehicle.   To make the experience of driving on the opposite side of the road even more fun, it was raining and the brakes on the rental were extremely touchy.  I got Bre to work, nearly putting us through the windshield a few times, but we both survived and once the vehicle was parked, she walked me to the breakfast place close to her office so I could compose myself before trying it on my own.

Fortified with a Chia Latte and a chocolate chip muffin, I headed off to my first quilt shop visit.  I made my way to Patchwork on Central which is a pretty little shop in a very quaint shopping area.  It was very small but had a wonderful selection of shot cotton (weft one color, weave another color) and some other tantalizing fabric but I really wasn't much tempted as their fabric prices in Australia are very high.  Most were between $22 and $29 per meter which is more than I care to pay and much of it is available in America for much less.  I am only going to buy Australian fabric that I can't get in the US.  (I'm writing this statement, so hopefully it will actually happen.)

Back in the car, I headed to Bre's apartment to hang out until it was time to leave to see Tula Pink.  That drive was interesting.  I did okay on the roads but had a fight with the GPS as it took me to two wrong locations before I got to the right place.  I'm sure it had nothing to do with operator error.  Bad GPS!!!!!!  It is one thing to go out of your way when you are driving where you know what your doing.  It is another thing all together when you are driving on the opposite side of the road.  I wanted to throw the thing out the window but then I wouldn't have been able to find my way back to Bre's.  Oh the pain!!!!!!

Luckily I had left in plenty of time to see Tula Pink at GJ's Discount Fabric in Fairfield.  I was even early enough to be about 5th in line.  I did a bit of shopping before getting in line and bought some English Paper Piecing 2" hexies and a template as that was very reasonably priced.

I just want to say Tula Pink was a blast.  Very sweet, entertaining, funny and talented woman that she is, her two hour talk flew by.  She talked about getting her start in fabric design.  Loved that her job as artistic director at record companies necessitated her hiding her quilting addiction.  She felt Snoop Dog would no longer want her working on his stuff if she showed him her quilts.  Probably a good call.  She walked us through how she came up with her Elizabeth line, the inspiration and thought processes involved.  The quilts were lovely.  I especially loved when she told about selling some of her quilts to help raise the down payment on her house (or studio can't remember which) and within a month or so she had remade each and every one she sold because she missed them so much.  Love that.  I'm so glad my trip from Missouri to Australia coordinated with her trip from Missouri to Australia.

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