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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Not Quite As Planned

I spent some time in the morning on Wednesday planning the day.  Checking out where the quilt shops were and adding in the Phryne Fisher house as well as Sun Bookshop where I think they carry the Phryne Fisher coloring book.  I do have my priorities!!!!!

So I mapped out the route, for a pretty good day with 5 stops.  I even went on to Google maps and found the most efficient sequence of stops.  So proud of myself.  Then I got to the first quilt shop and son of a gun, it was out of business.  Poop.   I called the second shop to make sure they were still open.  I can be taught.  They were, and I programmed their address into the GPS.  I found it easily but parking was a major issue.  Cutting Cloth is across the street from a train station so finding a parking place meant I had to park about 8 blocks away.  Good thing I only brought comfortable shoes to Australia.  (Like I own any other kind of shoe.)

Cutting Cloth is an awesome quilt shop.  It is beautifully decorated and has some really really gorgeous samples hanging all around the shop.  The fabrics were right up my alley and there were a lot of notions scattered through out the shop.  I could have spent a fortune in this shop.  I especially loved the patterns which seemed to me to all be from Australian designers.  Things I'd never seen before, each pattern being cooler than the next.

The store isn't huge but it is packed with tons of lovely stuff which I ogled for about 25 minutes before I asked the owner if I could take some pictures.  She very nicely agreed so I was disappointed when I found out that I'd left the SD card for my camera back at Bre's.  I shot pictures with the old iphone I'm using here which my daughter has graciously provided for me.  But the pictures aren't quite up to what I'd hoped for.  I ended up purchasing patterns for a sewing box and this robot quilt.  How cute is that!!!!
The shop owner was very informative and helpful.  She sold me the pre-cut cardboard for the sewing box and talked to me about the tape I would need.  She totally understood why I'd pass on the $18 double sided tape that was made in Illinois.  She also gave me the name of the designer who is coming to her store to teach this quilt.

Cutting Cloth didn't have any of the patterns for this quilt by Lorena Uriarte so I've contacted her to see if I can purchase one.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  The owner also gave me the name of another shop I should visit, which I thought was very sweet of her as well as directing me to a great place for lunch.

OMG, this vegetable tart was delicious.  I almost licked the plate.  By the way, did you know lemonade in Australia is fizzy?  I didn't.

Since my good camera was out of commission and I had to drive very close to the central business district to get to my next stop, I decided to head back to Bre's and do the remainder of that trip another day.  I want a good picture of that house and I want a picture of me in front of it.  Hopefully Saturday.

I picked up Bre from work and we ate at a vegetarian place near her office, Vegilicious. So good!!!!!!  I had something called Sexy Oven Baked Field Mushrooms.  Swoon.

Today, Thursday, I let Bre have the car and I just took a walk down to the Prahram Market where fresh produce and meats were in every direction.  It was a couple kilometer walk but the brisk air was pleasant.  Now I'm chlling and napping until Bre comes home.  I'm loving this trip.

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