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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Strolling to the CBD on Sunday

Well we didn't exactly stroll to the CBD (Central Business District) on Sunday, we took the tram.  Bre is so lucky there is a tram stop about 2 blocks from where she lives and she had done very well in Melbourne without a car.   Hence she knows her way around town pretty well for having only lived her since Oct. but I have to say between Google Maps and the Public Transport app for Melbourne even I can find my way around town.

We went to the CBD for a couple of things; mainly to see the 200 Years of Australian Fashion exhibit at the National Gallery in Victoria (NGV) and the Victoria Market.  Both were awesome.  We hit up the Victoria Market first where I saw some trees that were yarn bombed.

So fun.  Then we immediately made our way to the doughnut truck for some jam filled doughnuts.  Delicious!!!!  We walked through a bunch of vendor stalls oooohing and ahhhing over things but not purchasing anything.  Next we hit up a food truck with Sri Lankan food where we got an order of chick peas, vegetable curry and saffron rice.  To die for!!!!!!!   Oh and lest I forget the spiral potato on a stick that we had between the doughnuts and the Sri Lankan food.  Bre described it as fair food.  Not far from the mark, but I bet the Iowa State Fair doesn't have a Sri Lankan food truck.

Then we took a free tram back to the NVG to see the fashion exhibit.  Oh gosh it was beautiful.  The dresses were gorgeous of course (not any plain every day stuff).  The displays were awesome as well and Bre got a couple of really cool time lapse photos on her iphone which is something I don't seem to have on my Samsung but then I could just take a video so I guess I won't be too jealous. 

In case you can't tell from the picture above, the hat is part of the coat.  So cool.

Next we went to this craft fair near the NVG that had all kinds of beautiful hand made crafts.  One booth had these amazing steampunk kaleidoscopes from Arcana Pursuits that had all kinds of gears and embellishments on it.  I'm sure it cost a pretty penny but there was a ton of work in it and they use found objects in their art.  Sooo pretty.

Then we headed to this Japanese store that Bre told me about and I wanted to see.  It is sort of like the Dollar Store in the U.S. but all these things are from Japan and they are $2.80.  We walked down every aisle and I got several small little things.  I just love that kind of place.

By the time we got on the tram to go home, I was exhausted.  Luckily there was a seat open on the tram so I could sit down during the ride back.  Bre's place is really nice and has the most amazing view but I cursed those three flights of stairs as I was trudging up them after our day out.

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