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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Super Saturday in Melbourne

Aren't Saturday's the best?   They are even better when you get to spend the day with your daughter!!!!!!  We had a couple of things planned that would take us through the CBD (central business district) which I didn't feel like driving through.

Bre was up for the challenge and we were off after a relaxing morning.

First stop was Tranquility Crafts in the Moonee Ponds area of Melbourne.  This place has a little bit of everything, counted cross stitch, embroidery, quilting.  It was jam packed so much so that if someone else was in the aisle you had to back up to a intersecting aisle to make way.  My kind of shop!!!!!  The best part for me was they had about a million patterns and I only slightly exaggerate.  With some help from the owner, I found the Red Brolly section and felt like I'd died and gone to heaven.  I think they had every pattern that Red Brolly had ever put out.  I bought all these plus a cute surf themed quilt pattern.  I am going to be so busy when I get home sewing my little fingers to the bone.

I had a nice chat with a couple of ladies who were Missouri Star Quilt fans.  Gotta love the internet.  I live in Missouri and am lusting after Australian patterns and these women live in Australia and are lusting after Missouri patterns.  I love that our world has gotten a bit smaller with the internet.  Bre, being the gregarious person that she is, had a nice chat with several women who were busy in the classroom.  I highly recommend the shop.

Next up we headed over to the house they used in the Miss Fisher Mysteries tv series.  I was surprised at how excited I was.  I had a touch of butterflies as we neared the place.  So silly.  I took a bunch of pictures and Bre took some of me in front of the house.

It was lovely.  I tried to picture in my head a few of the scenes from the show.  I think they might have trimmed the hedge back but not sure.  A few people were walking down the street giving us very strange looks.  I'm strange, I admit it proudly.

Next up we went for lunch at Smith and Daughters which is this vegan restaurant in Brunswick Street area we had visited last Sunday. We saw this sweet man with his little girl as we walked in. 
Bre and I ordered three things off the menu and shared them.  We had corn fritters (Bre's favorite),  Jalapeno Mac and Cheese, and a Mexican Hash (my favorite).  Oh and we had some homemade donuts for dessert.  Everything was excellent and the place was very quaint with exposed brick walls and industrial decorations.  Four stars.

After lunch we headed over to Sun Bookshop over in Yarraville.  I wanted to go there because they had the Miss Fisher Mysteries Coloring book.  I had to have one and a bookmark with Phryne and one with Jack.  No trip to Melbourne would have been complete with out some Phryne souvenirs!!!!!   I LOVE THAT SHOW!!!!!!

We checked out other shops in the little shopping area and the outdoor space as well.  These folks were out and playing and eating outside even though it is winter here.  They definitely love the outdoors.  There are tons of these little shopping areas around town.  Not strip malls, but little shops on local streets.  They really are lovely.

We headed home after that adventure and later on walked to the local Indian place and ordered take away.  Delicious of course.  Bre is such an adventurous eater now (unlike when she was living at home).  She has introduced me to some awesome foods here.

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