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Monday, October 27, 2014

Learning more about this blog stuff

So I'm within a year of leaving my little job at the hotel so I can start my retirement and get to using up some of that fabric in my studio.  I've decided I have no room for more fabric until I make some stuff.  Since shopping is one of my favorite parts of quilting I really need to get sewing so I can buy more fabric.  Once I am retired I really want to get serious about blogging so I thought it was time to try some stuff out.  I got a new camera, a Canon Rebel SL1, which at first glance seems like it is really going to work for me.  I bought the white one and when my brother, who recommended a Canon, asked me why I got the white one, I said, "Because it isn't black".  I would have bought blue if they had a blue one but they didn't so white it is.

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