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Monday, January 30, 2017

Disney, rain, cold and Star Wars

Day 2 at the Disney World Parks and it is raining: an annoying drizzly cold rain.  But after a hearty breakfast I head off to the Animal Kingdom where I use my first Fast Pass of the day at Expedition Everest which turns out to be this roller coaster that is dark scary and fun.  I almost didn't get on but it didn't seem to go in tiny circles so I figured I could take it.  I could.  

Thank goodness I thought to bring a poncho that I got at Walmart that kept me pretty dry except for my feed which were cold all day.  But the rainy weather kept the lines pretty short and I was able to get in to see a majority of the attractions very quickly.  

I had a great seat on the safari ride and saw some beautiful animals close up.

 At about 3 I headed over to Hollywood Studios where I was going to meet my friend Michelle for dinner.  It was my first time at Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios and I was so enthralled with Hollywood Studios from the minute I came into the gate as there was a parade of Storm Troopers going buy as I entered.  I am a huge Star Wars fan and the highlight of the day for me was the show with some of my favs on stage.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to have some type of Star Wars souvenir before I go home.

I met Michele for dinner at the 50 Prime Time Cafe, such a fun place.  I've known Michele for about 18 years as we met through our love of "Remember Wenn" which is on of my top 10 favorite TV shows of all time.  She works at the Frozen Sing Along in Disney's Hollywood Studios.  It was nice catching up with her life and finding out some of the back stage details of working at the park.  We finished dinner right about the time of the fireworks display and Michele found us a good spot to watch.  This was the most amazing show.  I MEAN SPECTACULAR!!!!!!  Star Wars multimedia show projected on buildings with fireworks, fire, lasers, you name it this show had it.  LOVED IT!!!!!


  1. Looks like you're having a great time! Maybe two layers of socks next time it rains!